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Chemical Industry Links
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  • The Good Scents Co. Information Index
  •   - This commercial site includes an information index on a wide variety of compounds used in the perfumery industry.
  • The Information retrieval in Chemistry WWW server is a compendium of Chemistry resources by field and by topic
  • The Laws List
  •   - This collection of laws, rules and constants in physics, compiled by Erik Max Francis, includes a number of interest in physical chemistry, e.g. the gas laws, Rydberg formula, etc.
  • Thermodex
  •   - This web site it is an extremely useful index to such data available in a host of printed data collections. Thermodex is the creation of the Library of the University of Texas at Austin.
  • Thermodynamic Data and Property Calculation Sites on the Web
  • TORVS Research Team
  •   - This set of databases, created by the Computer Chemistry Center at the University of Erlangen, includes the WWW Chemical Structure Database, containing more than 2250 automatically collected chemical structures from the Internet, complete with information about the referring HTML pages. Also available are collections of 3D structure coordinates, GIF and VRML renditions of molecules and more.
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