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  • Air Products Brings New Nitrogen Plant in China On-Stream...
  •   TickerTech.com  Fri Mar 23 05:30:02 UTC+0800 2007
  • Nova Chemicals expands joint venture
  •   Canoe Money  Fri Mar 23 05:45:03 UTC+0800 2007
  • Nova Chemicals and Aux Sable strike deal
  •   Canoe Money  Fri Mar 23 05:45:19 UTC+0800 2007
  • Air Liquide Electronics Thinks Outside the Fabfor Copper Cleaning Applications
  •   DBusinessNews.com  Fri Mar 23 05:58:45 UTC+0800 2007
  • BASF and Monsanto Announce R&D and Commercialization Collaboration Agreement in Plant Biotechnology
  •   Yahoo! India  Fri Mar 23 07:58:26 UTC+0800 2007
  • 3M Purchases British Coatings Producer E Wood
  •   Plant Engineering and Maintenance  Fri Mar 23 09:04:23 UTC+0800 2007
  • CORRECTING and REPLACING News From USW: USW Cites Workplace Safety Hazards in Petrochemical Industry
  •   World Energy Source  Fri Mar 23 09:08:51 UTC+0800 2007
  • Dismiss Turf Herbicide Label Amendments Receive Approval
  •   Lawn and Landscape  Fri Mar 23 09:19:21 UTC+0800 2007
  • Reliance Ties Up With Rohm and Haas
  •   Forbes.com  Fri Mar 23 09:43:33 UTC+0800 2007
  • Fertilizer Makers Reap Corn-Fed Profits
  •   AOL.com  Fri Mar 23 20:53:16 UTC+0800 2007
  • Ethanol boom, lower gas prices make profits surge at fertilizer companies
  •   AOL.com  Fri Mar 23 20:53:51 UTC+0800 2007
  • Nova Chemicals, Ineos Expand Venture
  •   AOL.com  Fri Mar 23 20:54:16 UTC+0800 2007
  • Innophos says gets favorable ruling against Rhodia
  •   Reuters  Fri Mar 23 22:06:54 UTC+0800 2007
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