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A World of Reagents
Explore our world of reagents and discover nearly 50,000 unique organic and inorganic chemicals, chromatographic and biochemical reagents, high purity and ACS grades all conveniently packaged from research to scale-up quantities.

ReagentWorld™ is your new, best single source
for reagents and research chemicals!

If you are a chemist in pharmaceutical, biotechnology or industrial R&D, manufacturing or diagnostic chemistry, or academic, government or institutional research, you’ll find the research chemicals you seek, plus; find helpful information profiling each chemical.  By registering your profile and becoming a user with ReagentWorld™, you will gain even greater access to different package sizes, pricing, technical data and ordering information.

At ReagentWorld™, our multidisciplinary technologists are constantly developing new chemicals to serve and to grow with the community and emerging fields such as nanotechnology, proteomics, chemical genetics, materials science, photochemistry, and other fields.

And while our name may be new to you, our history for producing high quality research chemicals and fine chemicals for research organizations and chemistry-oriented companies of fortune and global ranking dates back to 1993.  ReagentWorld™ now provides you with access to the research chemicals you seek, and us a means of delivering our online catalog of reagents and research chemicals direct to you.

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Whether simply entering a CAS or using our advanced search feature, each reagent chemical you search will provide you with a in-depth profile useful to chemists, engineers, scholars and chemistry students alike. ReagentWorld™ profiles include Molecular Structures; Synonyms ; Molecular Formula; Formula Weight; CAS (Chemical Abstract Services ID); FEMA; Density; Boiling Point; Melting Point; Refractive Index; Hazard label, codes and classification, and more.

Explore ReagentWorld™further and discover helpful tools like Elemental Periodic Table or a Molecular Mass Calculator or an Equivalents Converter, keep informed of Industry News and Scientific Journals, Industry Associations and Professional Organizations, Conferences and Trade Events and...

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