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A History of Service to the Reagent Chemical Industry

While our ReagentWorld™ name may be new, unless you are among the bright young scientists-in-the-making segment of our community, it is highly likely that over the years as a chemical scientist, engineer or educator you have been a user of reagents and research chemicals manufactured by one of our sister companies of the Dannier Group. 

In 1993, our founding chemists began conducting custom synthesis of complex chemicals and molecules for US-based pharmaceutical, biotech and life science companies.  Interest soon swelled to include numerous research chemicals and specialty reagents.  As a result, they had successfully established themselves as a trusted supplier of reagent chemicals.  With demand, manufacturing capacities were increased.  By the late 1990’s, they had become a major producer of bulk reagent chemicals shipping to distribution companies where their materials were re-packaged and sold to the research and development, scientific and academic communities. 

Headquartered in Irvine, California, ReagentWorld™ is part of the Dannier Group of companies who serve the global chemical markets for technology-based manufacturing, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage products, polymer processing, personal care, research chemicals, and industrial markets worldwide.  The group’s customers include research organizations of all sizes and chemistry-oriented companies of fortune and global ranking.

Today, still rich with the passion for research, through ReagentWorld.com the Dannier Group enters the reagent chemical marketplace to offer its products and services direct to the chemists, research scientists, students and educators of all scientific disciplines.  With over 3 years, hundreds of thousands of man hours by our dedicated staff and millions of dollars invested, ReagentWorld.com is now prepared to commence shipping its high quality reagent chemicals backed up by reliable delivery and competitive prices.

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