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 About Us
Journey through our world of reagents and explore the universe we simply call chemistry

Nearly three years in its development, ReagentWorld™ is a new scientific distribution company with a focus to serving a diverse range of professionals and chemists in research and development, manufacturing industries including pharmaceutical and biotech, diagnostic chemists, and chemists at educational and research institutions, pilot plants and laboratories everywhere. 

Our objective is in being your new, best single source for reagents and research chemicals

To help meet that objective, ReagentWorld™ has assembled a broad selection of nearly 50,000 unique reagent and research chemicals, chromatographic and biochemical reagents, solvents and solutions manufactured for ReagentWorld™ by the Dannier Group and a select list of highly qualified manufacturers from around the globe.  At ReagentWorld.com, you will find what you are looking for whether it is a special material or package size, or even a production quantity in one convenient, easy-to-use web site.  And if you have a special need, a need for a new chemical or even a special pack, simply send us an email or call us, toll-free, and we'll have our chemists standing by to assist or do the shopping for you.

At ReagentWorld.com you will find organic and inorganic chemicals, chromatographic and biochemical reagents, high purity and ACS grades in packages from research to scale-up quantities.  We can also offer bulk production quantities for most chemicals.

Discover a universe of resources within ReagentWorld™

We are dedicated to the scientific community – a community constantly striving for more efficient ways to communicate, to learn, and to collaborate.  We are also striving to help the scientific community by providing useful information, tools and resources to chemists, engineers, scholars and chemistry students alike.  From detailed chemical profiles to helpful tools and resources such as links to Industry News and Scientific Journals, Industry Associations and Professional Organizations, Conferences and Trade Events, ReagentWorld.com is dedicated to the community it serves.

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n-Caproic acid


Isoamyl Acetate

Triphenyl phosphate

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